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Open standards for annotating and indexing networked media

This site contains information on the development of Annodex technology, including specification documents which are being developed into open standards for the Internet, open source reference software and browsers, media content, and informaton on how to get involved.

The Annodex technology will create a Continuous Media Web (CMWeb): a massively multi-user, distributed hypermedia environment that works in both streaming and disk contexts.

Tutorial notes (1.6MB pdf)
Video demo (6.4MB mov)

The Annodex technology extends the World Wide Web's hyperlinking, searching, and compositing infrastructure to time-continuous data, enabling e.g. video surfing, searching for clips of audio and video files using ordinary Web search engines, or on-the-fly composition of a video on a Web server from previously annodexed clips.

Recommended Codecs
How to Annodex Theora

The base software implementing the Annodex technology is made available under an open source license to encourage take-up. Application software such as browsers and authoring tools, as well as links to other people's CMWeb software are also available.

Creating content
Example Science CMWeb
Searching Science CMWeb
Other sites

The process that needs to be followed to create Annodex content is described here. You can also surf and search some example Annodex content from CSIRO on this site.


The Continuous Media Web is a video processing technology aimed at providing Web users novel ways of building communities and sharing information such as how-to videos. Here you find mailing lists to help you getting started and to contribute to its development. Join our dream of a new world of unified, distributed, Web-based audio-visual information and entertainment.

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