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Cloud Bookkeeping

Do you remember when you had to store every bit of data on paper? Then the floppy disks and the CD-ROM? And then USB drives and external disks? We moved forward. Everyone is already familiar with the “cloud” services, and how convenient it can be.

What is Cloud Bookkeeping?

For the businesses who are considering to move to this type of storage or for people who are curious about it, what is cloud bookkeeping? Cloud bookkeeping consists in sending your data to be stored and maintained in the “cloud”, a software that is hosted on remote servers. Although your data will be stored away from your location, it will still be stored and maintained on behalf of your business.

What are the advantages of this process?

This type of data storage is becoming widely spread due to its considerable advantages:

  • Access to the Internet is the only requirement: As long as you have internet access you will be able to access your data. This means you can access it anywhere, at any time.
  • Shared access: There is one data file for everyone, so you, your accountant, and your bookkeeper can all access and work on this file at the same time, without the need for constant emails and the usual file stacking.
  • Hardware reduction: If all you need is access to the internet, the amount of hardware needed reduces substantially.
  • Global: Every employee of your branch or remote offices can access the same version and the same data.
  • Outsourcing: Your bookkeeping service will be responsible for the updates, virus scanning, and backups of your data.
  • Real-time information
  • Transparency: You can keep track of your cashflow throughout the year.


What should you consider?

If cloud bookkeeping caught your attention, there are a few things you should consider before taking the step into this world.

Every bit of knowledge about these businesses is important. What does this mean? It means you should look for experience when you are selecting your bookkeeping provider. Try to verify which ones have a record of providing good, reliable services, or make an effort to contact other clients and talk about their experience, or ask for their reviews on a particular service.

Apart from this, there are also technical concerns to be addressed and a few parameters to analyze. It is necessary to check the internet speed needed to work with your data without frustrating delays, which privacy laws are respected by the supplier, how easily can your data be converted into the online versions, and if the accounting software provided is compatible with the one your company uses.

Most importantly, you should assess the accessibility of your data. This means you should be aware of who can access your data, where can it be accessed, and with which permissions.

If you are curious about cloud bookkeeping, or if you are considering using this service in your business, check online bookkeeping services.


The future of online data

Our time is a time of online development. New technologies and trends are spawning regularly, with the aim to optimize every aspect of our online lifestyle. One of this innovations is Annodex, a company that has come to leave a mark on the world of web content creation and web surfing. It allows you to search and link time-continuous data, making things such as “videosurfing” possible. Yes, using one of your favorite web browsers to search for video and audio clips. Their aim is to make it possible to manipulate continuous data in the same ways we already manipulate text media. This means you will be able to search, (re)arrange, annotate and index continuous media files.

Annodex has an altruistic standing to encourage involvement, as all their software was made available under an open-source license. They also provide guidelines and documents for those interested in participating in the project, and their ultimate goal is to create new trends when it comes to online project development and information sharing. Annodex has the potential to become a highlight in the online data niche.


How can this technology have an impact on online bookkeeping?

Annodex represents an evolution, a new way of searching through data. The technology has the potential have an impact on so many areas that the question above should be rephrased to: How can this technology not have an impact on online bookkeeping?

Well, rephrasing apart, if you can understand that Annodex will give people the possibility to manipulate audio and video files in the same way that we manipulate text, it will open the business world to numerous possibilities, so why wouldn’t it be possible for this technology to have a part to play in areas such as online bookkeeping?


Taking a step forward

Over the last few years, we were able to witness many breakthroughs and developments in the online world, and we are still moving forward. If we think about it, a lot of what we take for granted nowadays was not developed such a long time ago. I am referring to computers, smartphones, generalized access to the internet, and every last thing all of these have made possible in an incredibly large array of areas such as medicine, charity, business, and accounting, just to name a few. We can always expect the “next big thing” to be just around the corner, and people are beginning to have an active opinion about what they want next, and what efforts should be made to press forward.

Now we have access to technologies like Annodex, cloud storage is part of our lives and is beeing  further developed, around the world, for everyone’s convenience, and there are some people who claim to be unable to have a normal life without a smartphone or wi-fi access. Wi-fi shortage jokes apart, it is truly an interesting time to be alive, as there is a considerable effort on the part of thousands of businesses to make our everyday lives easier, and there is always a lingering feeling that we may be on the verge of new discovery.


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