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Dating app users can now upload media in our cloud

Don’t want to spend the night at home alone?

Don’t despair. New apps and new technology are at your fingertips and they can help you meet new people in your area through various hook-up apps. Dating has never been easier, or more interesting. It is not a surprise that many people claim that the best thing to be in the modern world is single. Being single and using dating apps can make every day a new adventure for you.

This is largely because dating apps have changes so much in the recent years that they have become so much more interesting than the usual social media or meet-up apps. Many apps link to your accounts on social media apps and websites, which means you don’t have to create and upload new content, although, some users claim that uploading new stuff on their dating app profiles makes the whole experience a lot more fun. The number of people who actively use dating apps has gone up in the last decade. Here we have some statistics:

-        One in ten people use a dating app

-        As many as 5% of dating app users have met their new significant other through a dating app

-        66% of dating app users have tried having a relationship with someone they met on a dating app

Of course, this does not mean that using a dating app will lead you to finding your future significant other, but what we know for sure is that the process can now be highly entertaining, thanks to technology that revolutionized dating apps.

For starters, using a dating app will let you know of the singles in your area. Dating apps allow you to decide whether you want to get in touch with some of them, or refuse. For example, if someone likes you, they will not be able to start a chat with you unless you like them back.

However, a lot of dating apps offer the opportunity to look for more than pictures of possible matches, through the use of media uploading. Some apps allow video sharing, and some of them go further than pictures by having its users share their likes and dislikes in music, movies and other things.

The change of media content

Today, millions of people create media content, from your neighborhood to all over the world. Videos, pictures and audios are created daily and uploaded to many social media and dating apps. This digital content has ensured that our phones and their cameras are a big part of our lives. We can now commemorate every event of our lives, from birthday parties and weddings, to fun trips in nature and beach trips and other fun activities.

When it comes to dating apps, through media upload, now you can look further into the persons you’ve singled out in a dating app, and check out their media content, and even use other social media to get to know them better – before you’ve even met with them in person. Considering the fact that we create digital media content that can be viewed by most of the world, this revolutionizes dating apps and the process of dating in general. Now, before you’ve met a person you can find out all about their likes, dislikes, convictions, principles, and even their dating history.

Rise of dating apps – and their nature

And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to stay in front of your computer to get in touch with people you may like and want to meet. Now you can do it on the go with your mobile phone. With the use of GPS, no matter which location you’re in, a dating app will let you find singles in that area, making it that more easier for you to find singles, no matter whether you’re looking for a long term committed relationship, or just a casual hookup.  What does this mean? It means not staying at home on Valentine’s Day, even if you’re single. It means changing your evenings from staying at home to going out into the world looking for someone you might like. Using a dating app can now change your life and your outlook upon the world.

How Annodex helps dating app users

Annodex is slowly revolutionizing media content creation, sharing, and surfing on the web. With the help of Annodex, dating app users can now search and stream time-continuous data and media content. Annodex allows for video surfing – which means surfing the web and use your own browser to look for media content like audio and video in the same way as you would look for text, articles and posts. Annodex allows this through their revolutionized way of manipulating audio and video files – in fact, Annodex has created ways of indexing and annotation that allow video and audio files to be manipulated the same way as text files on the World Wide Web.

Annodex can help dating app users in sharing content media, helping them connect to specific time-continuous data through deep hyperlinking, prooxying and browsing. With an ordinary search engine, now you can look for every type of media content, from images, to audio and videos, with nothing more than a name and surname, or a regular text search. This means that the nature of interactions on dating apps will change significantly, becoming more and more open, interesting and entertaining.

The Annodex software is also available for users under an open-source license, accompanied by guides. This emboldens participation in the project of Annodex and in turn, enables plenty of changes in the way we share information. Using Annodex can create any kind of digital media sharing into a interactive television, because it allows you to share everything you want and it allows users to find it with nothing more than a simple text search.   

The importance of safety

Everything we mentioned above is important for the entertainment factor, but it’s also important for your own safety. Annodex technology increases your safety when using a dating app, because it allows you to get to know the person better before you meet with them. If a few years ago, you had nothing but chats and pictures to go from, now you can avoid the ones whose pictures look too good to be true, or if their profiles seem fishy and lack the type of content you know most normal people to have. 


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