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Digital Cameras & Digital Media

The world has become digital. There is digital content being created from every corner of the world. There are millions of photographs and videos being published online on a daily basis. Cameras have become part of our lives. Remember that time you went skydiving? Your baby’s first steps? Prom night? Diving to that sunken ship? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is worth much more than words. It is full of experiences, nostalgia, and mostly, it is full of life.

With the expansion of digital media, videos and photos are ubiquitous in our daily lives. The constant streaming of images and clips since the moment you open one of your favourite social networks has been, in part, responsible for the development and purchase of digital devices. The world wide web can be your showroom. You can post your art, your convictions, your efforts, your willingness to teach or to question anything, and it will be available around the world.

How can digital cameras be involved in these processes? How can digital and action cameras contribute to the digital media world? What will people be looking for as inevitable new technologies, new entertainment, and new informative channels emerge? Where can you look for knowledge? What is new?

Action Cameras

With the technological development and the emergence of action cameras, it soon became clear that they would be the next big thing. You probably witnessed the rising amount of radical sports videos and photos that have been overwhelming the web lately. Surfers filming wave tubes from their boards, skydivers filming and photographing their descent, bikers broadcasting stunts and tricks, climbers recording their ascent, or photographing breath-taking panoramas that can put your life in perspective.

Action cameras set a new standard in individual broadcasting, it is new, refreshing, beautiful and daring. Who doesn’t like to see some of the latest reckless adventures of brave individuals that travel to amazing places?

Where can you find the best digital cameras and comparisons?

The Cam Critic identified this trend and built a website around digital action cameras, reviews, comparisons, and interviews. Their aim is to research and test as many products as they can, to give you the best possible advice where type, size, weight, quality, lenses and so many other features are concerned. Taking a quick look at this site, you can easily find and access different camera categories such as Go Pros, DSLRS, Waterproof Cams, Vlogging Cams, and even Drones. To better understand what they can do for you take a look at

What is new? Annodex

We serve a technology that promises to revolutionise web content creation and web surfing. It allows you to search and link time-continuous data. This means you can do things like videosurfing. How incredible does that sound? You can use your favourite web browser to search for clips of video and audio files. The goal is to be able to manipulate continuous media, i.e video and audio, in the same way that text media can be manipulated, allowing searching and flexible (re)arranging of elements as well as annotation and indexing. All the software from Annodex has been made available under an open-source license. This was an outstanding move to encourage trending. They have guidelines and documents to encourage participation in the project throughout their website, and their aim is to create new ways of sharing information and development of online projects and technologies. Annodex has the potential to become a new light in online audio-visual entertainment, information and community building. Here is an example of our technology:

Digital Cameras – Raising standards in Digital Media

Technologies like Annodex can revolutionise the way we use our digital cameras, with increased focus on action cameras. It can create a new whole world of individual programs and adventures streamed throughout the world wide web. Quality will be of the utmost importance but, luckily, quality is one of the main features of action cameras and has done nothing but increase.

Over the years, it has become clear that personal video recording will set the trend for information display around the world. You can see iconic news channels and newspapers using videos and photos taken from personal devices around the globe. Everything is linked, everyone is connected. From luxuriating forests to clear-water beaches, to scorching deserts, where there is someone present or brave enough to be present, the whole world can witness. Such accomplishments can shape a generation or even a civilization.

There is no discussion about the importance that digital media has in today’s world. The sharing of information, the exposure of content, the creation of global businesses, the development of new technologies, and the approximation between nations made possible by digital media, shaped the new generations. Raising awareness has never been this effective. If you post something you think is important, It can quickly cross continents.

However, it is in the digital camera and action camera subject that we will probably see changes. As the bulk of media content rises, quality will become the vital factor. And how can you raise the quality of your video and audio content? Through better devices. Digital and action cameras have been astonishingly improved over the years. The trend seems to be having better and better devices, with lesser and lesser size and weight. Combining this with the increasing selectiveness that begins to be a reality in digital media content, due to the millions of posts, images, videos and so on being published today, it becomes clear that quality is an attribute to invest in.

The era of audio-visual creation and sharing, although already known to all of us, seem to be on the verge of a new rise in popularity and relevance. With the development of technologies, such as Annodex, promoting the mass creation of new content, new entertainment, new projects and new businesses in practically every area you can imagine, we can assume that the trend is to develop and acquire quality devices that can take this media fever to a whole new level.


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