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IT support companies growing as AI enters the digital realm

No industry knows more about staying relevant than information technology. With new inventions, developments, and updates happening almost daily, just about everyone working in the tech industry has to stay on their toes. These days, it seems artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing. So how are IT support companies staying up to date as more and more tasks and duties are accomplished by artificial intelligence? First, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of AI.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is essentially a device, program, or system that can work in ways that are similar to a human mind, like problem solving or “learning.” Current AI abilities include participating competitively at a high level in strategic game systems, self-driving vehicles, military simulations, understanding human speech, smart routing in content distribution networks, and interpreting complicated information.

Most recently, artificial intelligence has contributed to the development of commonly researched and popularly discussed technology such as self-driving cars, drones, and even human-like machines.

Many people may be familiar with the question answering computer system developed by IBM, named Watson. Watson became a household name when it was used to compete on Jeopardy! against former winners Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. However, the Watson software is now used for commercial application as part of the treatment for lung cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

So what does that have to do with IT support companies?

Will Artificial Intelligence Eliminate Too Many Jobs?

As more advancements are made in the field of artificial intelligence, many may assume it will lead to fewer jobs and less of a need for actual human workers. The reality is actually quite the opposite. IT support companies all over the world are actually learning to embrace artificial intelligence, realizing that in order to stay competitive in the field, the advancements can actually create more jobs, not less.

Just a couple months ago, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin claimed he was “not worried at all” about artificial intelligence threatening jobs, saying that he believes it’s “50 or 100 years away.” The truth is that the world will likely begin to see the impact of AI within the next few years, but that’s hardly cause for alarm.

IT Support Companies Embracing Artificial Intelligence

There’s no denying that companies recognize the future of artificial intelligence in the workplace. But, to put it simply, while artificial intelligence may eliminate the need for certain jobs, other ones will be created in their place. In fact, if a company can learn to embrace artificial intelligence, chances are their productivity as well as their creativity will increase. Less time will need to be spent on mundane tasks, which means more time can be spent on revenue-generating services. That’s good news for workers who would much rather spend their time on more challenging, rewarding tasks.

IT Support Companies Staying Relevant As AI Advances

Fortune was able to list 50 companies that are “leading the AI revolution.” Those 50 companies using artificial intelligence included three companies in London, three in Tel Aviv, one in Shanghai, one in Paris, two in Shenzhen, one in Taipei, and 39 different tech companies in the United States.

However, it should be said that while larger companies all over the world may be leading the way, it’s the small shop offering computer support in London or the mom and pop start-up in Boston that may be a bit more worried about the potential for artificial intelligence to take over tasks in the work place and potentially cost people their jobs. The smaller the company, the bigger the impact.

It’s both the large corporations and the small companies that are feeling pressure to not only stay in business, but to stay relevant as newer and better ways to perform tasks are created.  Essentially, these companies will be forced to find ways to use artificial intelligence to improve their products and services. There’s no denying AI is becoming more powerful than ever.

Artificial Intelligence Will Fuel Growth, Not Hinder It

To continue to grow and succeed in the future as advancements are made in artificial intelligence, tech companies will have to make bold yet worthy moves. Companies that embrace artificial intelligence will be able to use it to their advantage to boost business productivity and improve customer engagements.

Simply put, particularly for computer support companies, people want answers and/or solutions as quickly as possible. Isn’t that exactly what artificial intelligence was created to do? If these tech companies use AI to their advantage, suddenly they may be able to provide their goods or services at a much faster rate and at a much higher quality.

These companies may have to seemingly rework their business models, but the revenue, eventually, will likely speak for itself. Money talks more than just about anything, so once the dollar signs start lighting up, who’s really going to complain about artificial intelligence taking over? 


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