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GA meetings from home – new technology in the cloud

Gambling addiction, at the surface, does not seem like such a dangerous addiction, and most people tend to associate gambling addiction with financial problems – either the problem gambler had financial problems and started gambling in order to get access to easy money, or they enjoyed gambling so much that it led to their financial ruin and put them in debt. However, at the root of problem gambling lie the same emotional and psychological problems as in any other addiction. The only way gambling addiction differs from other addictions like substance or alcohol abuse, stems from the fact that it is a lot more difficult to diagnose, especially for the problem gamblers, who do not want to admit that they’ve become addicted to gambling, despite spending hours and hours in a casino, or in front of their computers, spending a lot of money gambling online. Gambling addiction can take over a person’s life, cause not only financial ruin, but also add strain to a person’s emotional relationships with his family and friends, effectively ruining his or her life. Problem gamblers have an even more difficult time battling their addiction because the deep psychological effects of problem gambling have not been thoroughly researched and discovered yet. Continue reading about problem gambling here.

How does this help GA?

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of former problem gamblers, men and women who have accepted their addiction and have embarked on the road to recovery. Since its inception, the organization has spread worldwide, and have developed a 12-Step program based on spiritual principles in order to help the members. The only requirement needed to join Gamblers Anonymous is the desire to stop gambling, and attend one of their meetings. Attending meetings is a very important part of their recovery program, as they enable the problem gambler to share his or her own experience with others who are going through the same process of withdrawal, and the meetings can help problem gamblers battle their addiction and prevent the possibility of relapse. Together, the 12-Step program, the spiritual principles that the members follow, and the meetings can be a very effective method of overcoming gambling addiction, especially since the program is focused in causing fundamental changes in the problem gambler’s personality, providing them with a new, positive outlook on life and inspiring them to become a better person.

However, even though they are spread worldwide, and the most common advice out there for problem gamblers is to find a Gamblers Anonymous meeting nearby to get help, many people simply live too far away to be able to attend these meetings regularly. On the other hand lies the fact that regular attendance to these meetings is very important in battling gambling addiction, which means that there are a lot of people out there who want to get over their addiction, become a better person and turn their lives around, but are unable to get proper help because they live too far away from towns and cities where the group meets. Technology has come to the rescue in these situations. Problem gamblers can find help and community in plenty of chat rooms, forums and other online places where they can find a safe space to communicate with other problem gamblers, and be able to share their own story and get insight from others. Nothing can compare to conducting conversations in real time, though, which is why the newest advancements in cloud based technology are very important in these situations, because with them, people can attend meetings from home, making the problem of irregular attendance to meetings because of physical distance a thing of the past.

The cloud

Being able to attend online GA meetings from home has plenty of benefits. First of all, not only it renders physical distance as irrelevant when it comes to attending, it also makes it easier for them to attend. They do not have to drive, however long, to a meeting, only turn on their computer and get online. The ease of attendance, together with the desire to stop gambling can help problem gamblers overcome their addiction that more effectively. There is also the benefit from being at home – especially if the problem gambler is self-conscious and insecure and does not enjoy talking in front of a group. There are many nuances and small things that can improve a person’s journey when it comes to battling addiction, as there are many cues and triggers that provoke the problem gambler to go gamble at a casino, or gamble online, and these cues differ from person to person. Each and every innovation in battling addiction, like attending online GA meetings offers new insight into problem gambling, which is very helpful in battling not only gambling addiction, but addiction in general, as the psychological triggers as well as the methods to deal with addiction tend to transcend addictions, be it substance or alcohol abuse, or problem gambling.


New technologies like Annodex help in these cases by providing various different ways of manipulating and creating web content, especially web media. Using nothing more than a web browser, today users can enjoy a totally new way of surfing the web, called videosurfing. This is enabled by new indexing and annotation methods, which allow the user to manipulate video and audio and other media files in the same way as text manipulation. This technology has completely revolutionized how we use the web and has a numerous amount of different uses, including allowing people who want to attend GA meetings the possibility of doing so online. It enables the creation of many ways of streaming live content on the internet, turning web surfing into a highly entertaining pastime. Considering that, technologies like Annodex will soon improve upon every aspect of our experiences online, which, as previously explored, can improve our daily lives as well, especially in terms of connecting with other people. The creation of new media, and new ways of connecting with people will only increase thanks to these types of advanced technologies, and we expect the benefits will continue rising in every aspect of our lives.


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