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13th October 2018:
Uncovering the Dangers of Network Security Complexity.
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20th September 2018:
Getting Your Bachelorette Video Cinematic. Read more.

16th June 2017:
IT support companies growing as AI enters the digital realm. Read more.

13th June 2017:
What Your Competitors Can Teach You About Support. See how it works.

14th October 2016:
Cloud bookkeeping more secure than ever. See how it works.

29th August 2016:
Groundbreaking technology makes life easier for industry workers. Read more here.

29th August 2016:
New GA technology allows addiction facilities and their members work inside the cloud. Read more.

10th August 2016:
Who doesn't love coffee? We review the best software. Read more here.

1st August 2016:
Doodling in the cloud is the future of creative companies. Read more here.

22th July 2016:
Opening up for web development in the annodex cloud. Read more here.

19th July 2016:
Can you combine cloud bookeeping with cloud media? Read more here.

16th July 2016:
Dating users can now upload media in our cloud. Read more here.

15th July 2016:
Finding cheap papers on the topic of networked media can be painful. Read more here.

27th June 2016:
Digital cameras and digital media have a lot in common. Read more here.

21th June 2016:
Since our platform isn't as active as it used to be, we have now migrated to Bluehost and got our costs down to $3.95 per month using these bluehost coupons

20th June 2016:
The last couple of years, we have focused on improving the online gambling industry. Some of our latest projects have included:

2nd February 2005:
An Annodex viewer for Windows is now available as an extension to the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. Install it now! (Linux and Mac OS X users: plugins will be available for your platforms by the end of February.)
André Pang

18th August 2004:
The Annodex Subversion code repositories have been unified, so that each individual project (such as libfishsound and libcmml) are now unified under one big Annodex repository. This gives us lots of tasty new features:

If you had any code checked out of the old Annodex repository, you must re-check out that code. Note that all the revision numbers have changed since all the projects have been unified. The Subversion information page has been updated with the new information.
André Pang

25th May 2004:
VideoLAN's VLC media player 0.7.2 has been released, with support for Annodex and CMML out-of-the-box. This marks the first release of an open-source media player with Annodex support! For developers who are working with Annodex technology, VideoLAN provides a robust, cross-platform media framework which you can use for your own projects: see the VLC developers webpage for developer information.
André Pang

2nd April 2004:
The cross-platform VideoLAN multimedia player can now playback Annodex files in its latest development version! Support is currently limited to playback of Annodexed media only, but support for media browsing and hyperlinking will be coming in the near future.
André Pang

24th March 2004:
First release of libfishsound tarball.
Conrad Parker

14th March 2004:
Annodex and the supporting libraries entered Debian testing, ready for the upcoming release!
Jamie Wilkinson

3rd March 2004:
Discussion at IETF on how to integrate the temporal URI hyperlinking scheme with RTP/RTSP.
Conrad Parker

14th January 2004:
Tutorial about Annodex at LinuxConf.Au. Slides are available.
Silvia Pfeiffer, Conrad Parker, André Pang

31st December 2003:
New versions of the Internet Drafts submitted to the IETF. We think these are very solid and form an excellent foundation for a stable technology.
Silvia Pfeiffer


Tutorial notes (1.6MB pdf)
Video demo (6.4MB mov)

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