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Online casinos overtake traditional gambling with the help of annodex open software

The United States is home to the world’s largest number of casinos. In the past, casinos were illegal in most states, but today, casinos are legal in 38 states, and more states continue to push to legalize casinos. Some small places, like Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, are famous worldwide for casino gambling, however, other states; including Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi and the rest of the Nevada region boast a large turnover as well.

Games of chance, where the player wagers money on an event with an uncertain outcome have been around since Ancient Greece. Casinos offer a wide variety of games where the outcome depends on the roll of a dice, the spin of a roulette wheel or the shuffling of cards. Thus, the stakes are higher or lower depending on the player’s consideration, while the outcomes, and payoff, depend completely on chance and luck. The result – and payoff – is immediate. The dice is rolled and the cards are dealt and the player either wins the gamble or loses it.

As an activity, gambling is largely associated with holidays and vacations, so it does not come as a surprise that most casinos are build around holiday resorts, combined with cruise ships, restaurants and tourist attractions. Casinos have changed over the years, becoming casino resorts and hotels that host a number of entertainment events like concerts, live shows, and stand up comedy and sports events to attract more tourists and players.

Casinos in the USA by state

In the United States, Nevada has the largest amount of casinos, most of them concentrated in Las Vegas. Las Vegas casinos are spread out in three different areas: Las Vegas Strip, Boulder Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. Territories outside of Nevada, however, also boast a large number of casinos, with Reno coming right behind Las Vegas in revenue. Besides Nevada, there are two other states that generate a large amount of revenue through casino gambling: the Chicago area and Atlantic City, New Jersey. The rise of casino gambling in territories outside of Nevada is attributed to the rise of Indian gaming and gambling, which began in the 1970s. Today, Indian gambling has spread in states like California, Connecticut and Oklahoma.

Let’s take a look at some legal casinos in the US

Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is home to 76 casinos, 29 on the Strip, 10 casinos located just off the Strip and the rest spread out in Downtown Las Vegas and the small Boulder Strip. These venues are hotels and resorts that also offer slot games, video poker and table games. The most famous hotel casinos in Las Vegas are The Bellagio, which opened in 1998, Aria at CityCenter, and Caesars Palace, which offers a wide variety of popular shows at its Colloseum.  

Atlantic City Casinos

Compared to Nevada, Atlantic City has very little to offer: with barely 8 casinos in the city, most of them located on the boardwalk or the marina, it is evident that the legalization of casinos in other states like New York, Florida and neighboring Delaware has had an impact on the casino industry in Atlantic city. Additionally, several casinos were cancelled before being built, and in 2014, three casino resorts were closed: the Showboat, Revel and Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

The Rise of Online Casinos

The gaming and gambling industries have experienced a rise in revenue and popularity with the rise of the internet. The internet has enabled the adaptation of traditional gambling into online gambling, and the creation of online casinos.

The internet versions of the traditional casinos allow the players to set the stakes, wager and win from the comforts of their own home. The odds and payback are usually higher than the traditional casinos, but are always stated by the rules of the game.

What are Online Casinos?

Online casinos are websites that use special media software that allows the players to interact with the website and play casino games. This type of gameplay is enabled by an HTML interface, and available on both computers and portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones that support the technology. Furthermore, internet casinos can be grouped into four categories: web-based, download-based, virtual casinos and live dealer casino games, where the game runs in real time and is streamed via a video link.

Online Casino Software and Technology

Online casino websites need browser plugins like Macromedia Flash, or Java to run, and need browser support to work. Most browsers support these plugins, except Internet Explorer. Additionally, Apple devices don’t support this kind of technology, so most online casinos are not available to iOS users.

US online casinos have also used Annodex software. Annodex is a technology that distributes media by connecting to existing World Wide Web hyperlinking, prooxying and browsing to create time-continuous data. This enables ordinary search engines to conduct video surfing, allowing users to browse video and audio files using text searches, or compose a video from previously annodexed videos, without using special media players. This technology changes the nature of interaction between the people and the digital media, because it creates a continuous media web out of time-continuous data, combining everything from home movies to live streams and news videos. By combining deep hyperlinks with standard forms of indexing and annotations, the annodex technology creates a user experience equal to that of interactive television.

Why Online Casinos Overtake Traditional Gambling

While some online casino websites are known to be fraudulent and unreliable (the main reason why online casinos have not been completely legalized by law in the United States and other countries), professional casino websites like the Borgata Online Casino offer a variety of codes and welcome packages for new players in order to draw more players.

Online casinos make it easy to start playing – as soon as the players register and confirm their details and identification, they can begin to play. The amount of starter bonuses claimed by the codes some online casinos offer to their new players can vary from twenty to one hundred and even one thousand dollars, which can be claimed at different points during gameplay – at the beginning, or through gaining bonuses along with winning the games. Some bonuses are offered only on online slot machines, while other bonuses are featured for different games, from monopoly to poker.

Online casinos are extremely attractive because of their wide range of games. They offer more than one version of traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, slot machines and others. Moreover, online casinos offer other games of chance like Kitty Glitter, Monopoly, Cleopatra etc., as well as plenty games that offer jackpot prizes (although, they also require maximum betting).

Some online casinos and websites offer games that can be played for free or for real money. They offer many banking solutions, depending on the state and the regulations, but most US based online casinos are available only to US citizens. In fact, online casinos based in Nevada are available to only Nevada residents. However, most online casinos that have a land-based counterpart will feature the same types of games on their online casino website as the games they offer in the casino resorts or hotels, and they are offered to US residents residing anywhere in the USA.

Online Casino players have been provided with trustworthy methods to deposit funds instantly and securely. They can use online bank transfers, or Visa, MasterCard and ResortsCard, etc. However, the downside is that there are limited ways of withdrawing money from the players’ casino accounts. Depending on the online casino, players can withdraw their winnings by providing the online casino with a checking account and routing number, or via a check, which usually takes longer.


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