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Fri Feb 11 2005
Firefox plugin delivers HTML-style audio and video browsing
Renai Lemay, ZDNet Australia

Australia's CSIRO research organisation has developed a Firefox plugin named Annodex that allows browsing through time-continuous media such as audio and video in the same way that HTML allows browsing through text.

Thu Feb 10 2005
CSIRO eases video searching on the Web

The free Annodex plugin for Mozilla Firefox gives users the ability to use text queries to search for video clips, watch a selection, then seamlessly hyperlink to further video, audio or web content.

Mon Oct 13 2003
ABC completes first continuous media Web trial
Rodney Gedda,

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has completed a proof-of-concept trial of CSIRO's Continuous Media Web (CMWeb) application for integrating rich media content with searchable metadata. Rob Garnsey, head of systems at ABC's new media and digital services, said the technology has potential for the wider Internet and within the corporate network. Garnsey said the trial went well and the ABC's expectations were met.

Fri Aug 8 2003
Annotations And Metadata That Matters
Earl Mardle, A Networked World

I think the next revolution on the net is going to be annotation. Blogs are the beginning of that and some of the developments with newsreaders will feed into it.[...] Annodex allows any section within a multimedia file to be given a descriptive tag - 'love scene', 'fight' or 'interview', for example. Tags form a stream of information that runs alongside the file, changing to keep track of it. Multiple tracks are possible to cover different perspectives on the same file.

July 2003
CSIRO develops a new kind of Web
Western Australia E-commerce Centre

CSIRO has developed conventions for inserting hyperlinks into streaming media and specified a file format for combining anchor (link), metadata and media information in a single file. They have also developed tools for creating Annodex(TM) format media files and created the first CMWeb browser.

Fri Jul 4 2003
Welcome to
Cavin Leske, The NSDL Scout Report for Math, Engineering, & Technology -- Volume 2, Number 13, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Specifications and other documentation are available on the Annodex Web site, as well as several media files that demonstrate the functionality of the Continuous Media Web and the analogous relationship with text Web pages. The core libraries used to view Continuous Media Web files can be downloaded as source code.

Tue Jul 1 2003
CSIRO breaks rich web search barrier
Adrian Lynch, The Australian (IT)

A browser that allows rapid-fire activation of links to stored audio and video files may solve a thorny problem for online surfers.

Mon Jun 30 2003
CSIRO eyes a new kind of Web
Computerworld Australia

Annodex format media is the term coined by the researchers to describe the crucial twin processes of indexing and annotating content, the secret to fully integrating rich media content into the Web.

Mon Jun 30 2003
CSIRO creates the next Web experience
Slattery's internetWATCH
The leading weekly newsletter on Australian eBusiness

In order to encourage a rapid take-up of CMWeb the tools have been developed as an open source development kit.

Mon Jun 30 2003
CSIRO innovators enhancing future of the Web

Internet users that long to surf video and audio content online as quickly and easily as text and images will soon have their wishes granted, thanks to innovative Web tools being developed by CSIRO.

Sat Jun 28 2003
Cut to the chase
Nicole Manktelow, The Sydney Morning Herald (icon)

Whether it's a sequence from a movie or an educational video with a handy lesson — imagine being able to link exactly to the most important moment or find it with a simple online search.

Fri Jun 26 2003
New web tool to improve multimedia surfing
John Whitfield, Nature science update

Surfers can hop either by naming a section, or a time. They can also follow links into or out of the file, which change to reflect what's playing at that moment. For example, during an animated flight through a galaxy, links to external pages on black holes can become active during the journey past the hole at the galactic centre.

Tue Jun 24 2003
Will Video Surfing Become Reality?

alinv writes "Australia's CSIRO has developed a multi-media browsing tool callled CMWeb, which makes surfing audio and video content as esy as text (view a screenshot here). The tool, called Continuous Media Web (CMWeb), enables user to activate a link within a video or audio file,and be taken to a related clip in another file, and then return to the original or follow further links into other subject areas, in much the same way they currently do with Web pages."

Tue Jun 24 2003
AU research fires up video surfing
ZDNet Australia

The ability to surf rich media content as if it was a series of Web pages may be just around the corner following Australian research into the area.

Mon Jun 23 2003
New tools will make multimedia Web surfing easier

Annodex format media can contain hyperlinks to audio, video or text content - so the whole Web becomes truly seamless. CSIRO has developed conventions for inserting hyperlinks into streaming media and specified a file format for combining anchor (link), metadata and media information in a single file. They have also developed tools for creating Annodex format media files and created the first CMWeb browser.

Fri Jun 13 2003
CSIRO Publishes IETF Internet Draft for Continuous Media Markup Language (CMML)
Cover Pages

Researchers at CSIRO have published an IETF Internet Draft for "Specification of the Continuous Media Markup Language (CMML)," serving as a companion to the "Specification of the ANNODEX Annotation Format for Time-Continuous Bitstreams." ANNODEX Annotation Format and CMML use XML markup to solve the problem of "dark matter" on the Internet: continuous media files such as audio and video files are not indexed and are usually unsearchable.

Tue Jun 10 2003
Site and sound in one move
David Crowe, The Australian Financial Review

When it comes to creating new uses for the World Wide Web, it pays to think big. From the web's very foundation, when Tim Berners-Lee put forward the idea of an online repository of human knowledge, academics and entrepreneurs have dreamt up ways to overhaul the internet completely.

International press coverage

Wed Aug 6 2003
Volltreffer bei Film- und Musiksuche
Ralf Garmatter, Hohenloher Tagblatt (Germany)

Kirchbergerin Silvia Pfeiffer entwickelt neues Suchsystem fü Video und Audio.

Tue Aug 5 2003
Volltreffer bei Film- und Musiksuche
Ralf Garmatter, Haller Tagblatt (Germany)

Kirchbergerin Dr. Silvia Pfeiffer stellt daheim ihr neues Suchsystem für Multimedia vor.

Tue Jul 1 2003
Web-Browser soll Suche nach Multimedia-Dateien revolutionieren
T-BOARD (Germany)

Multimedia-Dateien sollen innerhalb der nächsten Jahre dank Annodex so einfach gefunden werden können wie Textdateien, so Pfeiffer. Dazu müssen die Dateien mit einer Begleitsoftware des Programms anhand des Inhalts gekennzeichnet werden. Annodex würde sich daher nicht nur zur Veröffentlichung von Musik- oder Videodateien im Internet eignen, sondern auch zur Archivierung von großen Datenbeständen.

Recent interviews

Tue Jun 24 2003
Conrad Parker interviewed by Ashley Walsh, ABC Adelaide

Sun Jun 8 2003
Silvia Pfeiffer interviewed by John Barron on NetNews, ABC NewsRadio


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