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oggz_write.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Interfaces for writing Ogg files and streams.

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typedef int(* OggzWriteHungry )(OGGZ *oggz, int empty, void *user_data)
 This is the signature of a callback which Oggz will call when oggz is hungry .


int oggz_write_set_hungry_callback (OGGZ *oggz, OggzWriteHungry hungry, int only_when_empty, void *user_data)
 Set a callback for Oggz to call when oggz is hungry .
int oggz_write_feed (OGGZ *oggz, ogg_packet *op, long serialno, int flush, int *guard)
 Add a packet to oggz's packet queue.
long oggz_write_output (OGGZ *oggz, unsigned char *buf, long n)
 Output data from an OGGZ handle.
long oggz_write (OGGZ *oggz, long n)
 Write n bytes from an OGGZ handle.
long oggz_write_get_next_page_size (OGGZ *oggz)
 Query the number of bytes in the next page to be written.

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