Open standards for annotating and indexing networked media

The software which powers Annodex technology is open-source, so you can use it in your own software as well as contribute back to the Annodex standard. We provide access to our source code via Subversion, which is the successor to the popular CVS revision control system.

Subversion Server Information

The Subversion server URL is . For development, it is probably easier to check out all the required libraries from their trunks:, which includes the codecs from Anonymous access to the source code is read-only: if you wish to contribute code back to the Annodex project, please do so by sending patches to one of our development mailing lists, or feel free to ask for a named account if you'd like write access to the SVN repository.

We use the standard Subversion directory layout of branches, tags and trunk within each directory in the repository. For example, to check out the latest revision of the libannodex repository into a directory called mylibannodex with the command-line svn client, write:

svn co mylibannodex

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