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What Your Competitors Can Teach You About Support

IT or technical support offer services that provide assistance to users of technology products, electronic or mechanical. Most of the companies have technical support for products that may be delivered digitally.

In order to provide satisfactory customer service, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Otherwise, even if your product is very good, users will not be satisfied with it because good customer service needs to go along with the product. Often, there will be problems and issues - in addition, people will need some time to learn how to use their product. As a result, you will need to provide good customer support in a package deal with your product in order to compete with similar products on the market. Below, you will find some of the things that need to be a part of your customer support package.

1.    24 – hour support

 A lot of companies offer daily help support for computer issues or servers. Also, when an issue cannot be fixed remotely, companies provide on-site visits by a technician. Additionally, companies and organizations have online discussion boards where users of their products can interact or engage in conversation.

In order to be more successful than your competition, you should provide 24-hour live chat support. This can be provided via direct contact for example via skype or you can have a live chat option on your website. Moreover, even if your product is international, you should consider having a local team that would be able to provide on-site assistance. Also, your official website can have a forum section, where users themselves would be able to provide solutions to problems.

Also, you need to provide phone support. Your customers should be able to call your customer support team. Most often, phone support is available during working hours – 9 to 5 – or you may provide 24-hour phone support if you have a big enough team. Either ways, make sure that even if you don’t provide phone support, your customers have other means of reaching you instantly.

2.    Quick response to queries

No matter whether you are only providing IT support or whether you have a software product that people are going to use, you are going to get queries either via your website or via email. So, it is better to give equal priority to e-mail queries and answer them within hours at most. Otherwise, if you answer e-mail queries within days or weeks, customers will not be satisfied. First of all, they would have a problem that needs to be resolved quickly and the more its delayed and if you don’t answer within a certain amount of time, your solution might be absolute. As a result, if your customers look to someone else to help with problems, then soon enough they will look to different providers for similar products who will offer better customer service and quicker solutions.

3.    Detailed Q&A section

This section provides answers to the most common questions that your customers might have. In order to compile the questions and answers in this section, you can use previous queries from customers.

In this section you have to make sure that the answers are easy to understand and that the issues are not very complicated. You, also, need to have huge databases of step by step solutions or make support videos that have troubleshooting steps.

4.    Blog section

In addition to offering 24-hour support, and a comprehensive Q&A section, you should also have a blog section for two reasons:

-       First, you want to ensure everyone who visits your website is aware that you and your company are professionals and experts on the product;

-       Second, you want to provide comprehensive guides to the most common issues that occur.

In a different manner from a Q&A section, the blog section allows you to take on problems that cannot be solved easily – but that can be solved by following a few steps. Moreover, in the blog section, you can provide more information about your company and the company’s background, further cementing your spot on the market and in the industry.

5.    Motivated employees

Next to last, we mention motivated employees for a reason. Employees who are satisfied will do a better job compared to employees who do not feel satisfaction from their job. When it comes to customer support, the members of your team who will deal with customers on a daily basis will need an ever bigger dose of motivation. Being a customer service specialist is a position that requires a great amount of patience. For example, customers will most often not be completely familiar with how to use the product, nor will they understand tech-speak. This means that your employees will often have to spend more than an hour on the phone with a customer – even if the actual solution of the problem doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Because of that, you need to motivate your employees and the members of your team. Make your employees understand the importance of the customer support they are providing. Let them understand that it will be through their actions and their patience that your product, company, and business, will thrive.

6.    Innovative solutions to ongoing problems

The ultimate goal of providing customer support is to not have to provide it. You should constantly work on improving the product, software, or service you are providing, in order to eliminate the need for such an extensive customer support. As such, you should analyze the biggest and most complicated problems that your customers need support with, especially if they occur often enough. For example, if you have an issue that needs a blog post guide to solve, then you should work on eliminating that problem for good. If you have many of these issues, then you need to upgrade your product fast. Otherwise, you might lose your customers, who will turn to other companies that provide IT support, like IT support in London by Prosyn.

New technologies, like Annodex, might be helpful in these cases. Annodex, for example, offers an innovative way of surfing the web and manipulating networked media, allowing its users to create web media that can be accessed and found easily. This type of technology is revolutionary, and its uses have yet to be explored in full. Keeping up with technological advancements will enable you to find innovative solutions to the most common problems and eliminate them, thus improving your product or service and keeping your current customers and attract new ones as well.


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